TI was a special guest on the Mo’Nique Show last night along with Michael Ealy and producer Will Packer. While there, TI talked about his prison bid, his new movie Takers and his relationship with Tiny.

“With us it goes without saying. We have an understanding. A bond where we ain’t got to say it. She ain’t got to say “I got you”, [cause] I already know. And I ain’t got to say “I got you” because she already know”

My sister, who doesn’t miss anything EVER, hit me up midway through his interview and says:

Did you just see Hoopz sitting in the front row? What the f*ck TI got hoopz sitting in the audience for? Like BET being messy too. Why her azz wasn’t sitting backstage?

O_O I missed it but I saw folks tweeting about it. I was too busy gazing in Michael Ealy’s sea blue eyes to notice who was sitting in the audience but if Hoopz (VH1 Flavor of Love) was indeed there, that would have been interesting. Back in the day, TI was spotted in different cities with Hoopz and Tiny also did a radio interview where she talked about catching TI and Hoopz together at Fox Sports Grille. messssy

Watch part 2 below

Sidebar: The camera panned to Hoopz after Michael Ealy joined TI on the couch. Unfortunately that video isn’t online…

Sidebar #2: TI has gained a bit of weight. He looks good..